This Sprouts And Spinach Pulao Is A Healthy Way To Add Flavour In Your Weight Loss Diet

This pulao is made with brown rice which is deemed healthier than white rice.


  • Pulao is one of the most loved Indian meals
  • One can make pulao healthier with brown rice and sprouts
  • Here is a simple pulao recipe tahtis easy, quick and healthy

Pulao is one of the best ways to give a delicious spin to plain rice, isn’t it? Toss it with veggies, spices or meat and it can be a perfect addition to your meal spread. A perfect balance between bland rice and a rich and heavy biryani, pulao is the comfort food that we need after a long day. And then there’s so much to experiment too. From plain matar pulao to shahi pulao, there a plethora of pulao recipes that one can pick from. And the best part is that pulao can be paired with just about anything. But did you know you could make bowl of pulao a lot healthier too?

Yes, you can make even a rice dish tad bit healthier. We have spinach and mixed spouts pulao that is all things healthy and tasty! This pulao recipe uses brown rice which is considered a much healthier option than white rice that comes with large amount of calories and unwanted carbohydrates. The soaked brown rice is cooked with a mix of fried onions along with flavourful spices and herbs that are then sautéed with chana sprouts, beans sprout and spinach. The cooked pulao is left sealed for a while for the flavours to seep in.

Find the full recipe of mix sprouts and spinach pulao here

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Brown rice is a rich source of fibre, calcium, manganese along with essential polyphenols and complex carbohydrates, all of which contributes to good bone health, digestive health and weight management. When combined with fibre-rich spinach and protein-rich mixed sprouts, it makes for a wholesome meal that is perfect to aid in a weight loss diet.

Try this quick easy and healthy pulao recipe at home for your next meal and share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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